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Give us an opportunity to trim your king and queen palms. Get rid of all those dead leaves and irritating nuggets that rot on your lawn or block your swimming pool.


Palm trees evoke thoughts of beaches, warm weather and carefree vacation days, and add beauty and motion to any landscape. Who doesn’t enjoy watching the graceful, fan-like fronds of a palm tree swaying gently in the breeze around a swimming pool? These tropical trees  that can reach an age of 150 years are tall and majestic, like the Mexican fan palm, which grows to about 18 meters or the king/queen palm which grows to about 15 meters. Each species of palm has its own cultivation requirements, but most require mild, frost-free winters and plenty of sun.

But!!! Palm trees can turn into any household owners nightmare if not maintained regularly. Palm trees drop leaves, produces seed pods and grow at an average of 60cm per year.  Proper palm maintenance at least once a year will ensure a hassle free experience for you as owner.

By contacting Centurion Palm Trimmers  on a regular basis for palm trimming and to maintain your palm trees, reduces  the high cost of tree felling in Centurion or cutting trees in Centurion. Our Centurion trees and Centurion palms must be protected for future generations to enjoy. Cutting down trees in Centurion instead of low cost centurion palm care will reduce this splendor.


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